• Blue River Technologies Port-A-Poly liquid make down system is designed to meet the needs of operators with limited flocculent requirements. The standard unit will make down emulsion polymer at a rate of 5 gpm at up to a .6% solution concentration. (Optional E35 diaphragm pump will make down at up to a 1% solution concentration.) This system is also available with a 10 gpm flow rate and the E35 pump. The 10 gpm system will make down at up to a .5% concentration.
  • These emulsion polymer make down systems are low cost and light weight. They operate on standard 110V AC power requirement. The standard system operates in a manual mode only. When the unit is turned on the electric operated solenoid valve opens, the poly pump turns on and begins pumping emulsion polymer thru a check valve and into the injection tee located above the mixing head. The diluted polymer then goes thru the mixing chamber and is discharged out to the side of the unit and into the storage/aging tank.
  • A disc style check valve is located in the polymer line at the point of injection. When the operator switches off the unit the polymer injection pump is shut down and water is allowed to continue to flow for a timed delay period to flush out the mixing and head and lines.
  • The Blue River Technologies mixing head is specifically designed for mixing emulsion polymers. The head utilizes low pressure, high kinetic energy mixing nozzles that will thoroughly mix the most difficult to invert polymers. This head will eliminate angel hair and agglomerations. The mixing head utilizes a clear PVC mixing chamber allowing visual confirmation of the mixing process.
  • The base and stand is constructed from polypropylene plate. All pipe and fittings are Schd 80 PVC with to provide the user years of trouble free service. A round handle is provided for conveniently moving the unit from place to place.
  • An optional 250mL calibration column and valve is available to allow the operator to calibrate the pumping rate of the injection pump. The calibration column port is standard on this system.
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