• Blue River Technologies Series II liquid make down system is designed for water flow rates of 15, 20 or 25 GPM. This system utilizes a Progressive cavity metering pump. We can provide other manufactures pumps if desired. The progressive cavity pump is equipped with a gear reducer to prevent over speed of the pump. The pump will deliver up to .25 GPM which allows the user to make down the polymer to concentration levels of up to 1%. (Other gear ratios are available with higher outputs.)
  • The flow meter, water flow regulator and mixer nozzles are easily changed to accommodate changes in flow rate requirement.
  • A disc style check valve is located in the polymer line at the point of injection. When the control receives the command to shut down water flow the polymer injection pump is shut down and water is allowed to continue to flow for a programmed delay period to flush out the mixing head and lines. A time delay is also used to establish water flow prior to running on the polymer injection pump.
  • The base and stand is constructed from 304 Stainless Steel. All pipe and fittings are schd 80 pvc to provide the user years of trouble free service.
  • The Nema4X control is PLC based providing the flexibility needed to proper flush out the mixing head at the end of the fill or inject cycle and also allows the control to monitor water flow and polymer flow. If water flow falls below a set pint the control will shut down the system and go into a fault condition. If polymer flow is interrupted the PLC will shut down the system and put the unit into fault mode. Switching the system back to manual and then returning to "AUTO" will reset the unit to Automatic mode after a fault condition.
  • This control has a Remote/Local switch that allows the start/stop and pump speed of the unit to be controlled from a remote location. [ Control Box PDF ]
  • Full manual control is available for calibration.
  • A relay is provided to allow the user to sent a signal to the control room if the system goes into a fault condition for any reason.
  • The Blue River Technologies mixing head is specifically designed for mixing emulsion polymers. The head utilizes low pressure, high kinetic energy mixing nozzles that will thoroughly mix the most difficult to invert polymers. This head will eliminate angel hair and agglomerations. The mixing head utilizes a clear PVC mixing chamber allowing visual confirmation of the mixing process. Many polymers can be mixed and directly injected into the process stream or the start/stop relays can be used with conductive probes in an aging tank to maintain tank level between high and low probes. The control can also be set up to start/stop using a remote set of contacts.
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