• The Blue River Space Saver 300 Dry Polymer System is designed to make down up to 7 lbs per hour of cationic or anionic dry polymer at a concentration of .3% (.003). This system will operate in either manual or fully automatic mode.
  • The system is a mix tank over storage tank design. The top mix tank is designed for a 300 gallon batch size. The mix tank has a sloping bottom with a pneumatic operated dump valve in the center of the deep end. The storage tank will hold 500 gallons of made down solution. The tank includes a capacitive type liquid level probe system. An independent float style switch is installed at the top of the tank to shut down the system in the event of an overflow condition.
  • The Space Saver mix system is a batch process system. The mix tank is filled with water and polymer is added in the proper amount during the fill cycle to produce the desired solution concentration. After the fill cycle the water shuts off and tank agitation begins and continues for a set amount of time. After the agitation period expires the system goes into a "Standby" mode until the storage tank is at a sufficient level to accept the batch. At this point the control will initiate the transfer cycle actuating the air cylinder and opening the dump valve allowing the solution to drain down into the storage tank.
  • The control system is a PLC based system. The control interface allows the operator to quickly change feeder run time to increase or decrease the solution concentration percentage. The interface is also be used to set agitation run times to reduce product shearing.
  • The system includes a 1/2 hp agitator with a gear reducer drive running the blades at 350 rpm. The agitator can be set up with dual props.
  • The space saver 300 system comes standard with the 3.0 cubic foot Hopper/Feeder Assembly. An optional 6.0 cubic foot hopper is available.
  • Polymer is initially hydrated and dispersed into the mix tank with the Blue River Technologies 50 GPM Eductor Disperser. This stainless steel eductor/disperser uses high energy water pressure to provide faster hydration and uniform wetting of the polymer particles. This helps to prevent fish eyes and agglomerations from forming in the mix tank. A Teflon nozzle provides a non-stick surface for trouble free operation. A sanitary type clamp connects the powder hose to the disperser for quick inspection and cleaning operations.
  • The 5 HP water booster pump and water tree assembly insures that a uniform 50 GPM water fill rate is maintained. A low water pressure switch located in the water tree will shut down the system and activate an alarm relay, in the event water pressure falls below the minimum required for proper operation of the eductor/disperser.
  • The water tree includes a full port, pneumatic operated ball valve. This valve includes SS trim and Teflon seats. The actuator is a spring return to close valve, shutting off water flow in the event of a power failure or loss of air supply. (Air filter/Regulator is supplied as standard equipment)
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