50-90 GPM Eductor Disperser | 3.0 Cubic Foot Hopper/Feeder Assembly | 6.0 Cubic Foot Hopper/Feeder Assembly 


50-90 gpm Eductor Disperser

  • The Blue River 50 or 90 gpm Eductor Disperser will efficiently wet out and disperse up to 5 lbs per minute of dry polymer or similar dry product. The units are built from 304 Stainless Steel bodies with a Teflon nozzle at the powder inlet end. The nozzle is attached to a stainless steel bent tube (powder tube) that directs the powder down and into the Teflon nozzle.
  • The nozzle and stainless steel bent tube are attached with a 3A sanitary clamp for quick and easy disassembly for cleaning purposes.
  • Both the 50 gpm and the 90 gpm units require a uniform water delivery at a minimum pressure of 50psi. Uneven water supply or water supply pressures below the 50 psi minimum will result in unsatisfactory operation. Water supply lines to the units must include a flow regulating device that will deliver the prescribed flow rate.
  • The units include a PVC discharge tube and a U-bolt style clamp for attachment to a suitable framework.
  • The 50 gpm unit is shipped standard with a 3/4" hose adapter on the stainless steel powder tube. A 1" tube is also available for the 50 gpm unit. The 90 gpm unit is shipped with a 1" powder tube.
  • The 50 gpm unit has a 1" FNPT water inlet connection. The 90 gpm unit has a 1 1/2" FNPT water inlet connection.


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