Dewatering Tower™

Flocculant Mixing/Injection


The Blue River Technologies patented Dewatering Tower™ is the next generation in Geotextile Bag Dewatering Systems. The patented design of the Dewatering Tower™ is the first of its kind to allow for reuse of the Geotextile Dewatering Bag. The vertical design allows for a more compact dewatering system, therefore less space is required than for other dewatering processes. The design allows the operation to empty the dewatered solids into any container or even onto the ground to be moved to a storage location and be loaded off at a later time. This particular plant land applies their solids, and has backed their spreader underneath the tower. This plant can now have their sludge go from the plant to the fields in just a few's just that easy.
The design of the Dewatering Tower™ combines two major factors to assist in dewatering. The first is, of course, gravity. The weight of the solids on top compresses down on all the solids beneath. The second comes from the design of the towers frame. As the bag fills, it pushes out against the horizontal framework. These two factors combined create a "press" effect on the solids, literally forcing the water out of the solids inside. All of this is achieved with absolutely no mechanical assistance to worry about, saving time and money on maintenance and repairs. Water simply pours out of the entire bag due to this "press" effect. Drain lines attached to the doors at the bottom of the bag directs effluent into a ground drain below, returning it back into the plant's headworks.
Once the vertical bag has been filled, after repeated pumpings, and it has been allowed to dewater; it's time to empty it. With the Dewatering Tower™, you just open the hydraulic doors and the solids drop out into any container or directly onto the ground. Once you have emptied the bag and removed the solids from underneath, just close the doors and start pumping again. Making it quick and easy to continue the dewatering process. The Blue River Technologies patented Dewatering Tower™ offers a revolutionary new option to the Geotextile Dewatering process. This is ideal for many municipal and industrial dewatering environments. The vertical, space saving design allows for operations withlimited space to enjoy the savings that Geotextiles offer. All forms of agricultural processes can benefit from our Dewatering Tower™. Hauling and applying as a solid is a more cost effective means than applying as a slurry. The average slurry contains around 2% solids, thereby requiring you to haul around 98% water to your fields. By utilizing the Dewatering Tower™ first, you drastically reduce this ratio, allowing you to haul mostly solids. Also, by dewatering first, clear and solids free water can be directed to your waste lagoon. By removing the solids going into the lagoon, its operational life is extended indefinitely and odors are virtually eliminated.


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